How Do Law Firms Find Quality Freelance Attorney Support?

How Do Law Firms Find Quality Freelance Attorney Support?

The demand for flexible, high-quality legal support increases every year. From meeting deadlines to handling diverse caseloads, hiring skilled freelance attorneys provide many advantages. So then – how, or rather where, do law firms find quality freelance attorney support?

Understanding Your Firm’s Requirements

The cornerstone of finding quality freelance attorney support is rooted in a clear understanding of your firm’s specific requirements. Pinpoint the skills, expertise, and experience necessary for the tasks at hand. Whether it’s specialized knowledge in intellectual property, contract law, or litigation support, clarity on your needs is usually the first step.

Leveraging Marketplace Platforms

Marketplace platforms like Contract Counselors serve as a resource for law firms seeking freelance attorney support. These platforms curate a pool of legal professionals with diverse skill sets and experiences, streamlining the process of finding the perfect match for your firm.

Prioritizing Expertise and Experience

Quality is non-negotiable when it comes to legal support. Look for freelance attorneys with a track record of excellence in their respective fields. Their experience, expertise, and past achievements can serve as compelling indicators of their capability to meet your firm’s demands.

Seeking Referrals and Recommendations

Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations can be goldmines for discovering exceptional freelance attorney support. Leverage professional networks, seek recommendations from colleagues, and tap into industry associations to uncover hidden gems in the legal freelance sphere.

Scrutinizing Credentials and Work Samples

Don’t hesitate to scrutinize credentials and request work samples. Assessing a freelance attorney’s portfolio or requesting a brief task to evaluate their capabilities can provide firsthand insights into their skills and work quality. For example, on the Contract Counselors platform, many law firms like to see (and will request) a writing sample to go along with the freelance attorney’s resume.

Cultivating Relationships and Communication

Building a strong rapport with freelance attorneys is crucial for a harmonious working relationship. Effective communication, clear expectations, and mutual respect form the bedrock of a successful collaboration.

Embracing Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility is key in the realm of freelance attorney support. Embrace the adaptability of freelance attorneys to cater to fluctuating workloads, varying expertise needs, and specific project timelines.

Harnessing Technology and Tools

Utilize technology and specialized legal tools to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration with freelance attorneys. Embracing innovative solutions can significantly boost productivity and efficiency.

Partnering with Contract Counselors

To get started finding quality freelance attorney support on the Contract Counselors platform, follow the steps below:

1. Create an account for your law firm at

The first step for law firms to find freelance attorney support on the Contract Counselors platform is to create an account. This will allow you access to the 2,000+ attorneys nationwide. There’s also NO cost to sign up.

2. After creating an account, Request an Attorney.

Request an Attorney is the form law firms fill out where they detail what they’re looking for in a freelance attorney. Here you’ll include a description of your project as well as any attorney preferences (such as attorneys licensed in certain states or experience in certain areas of law). You can be as detailed as you’d like on this form. After including all the details, Submit your form.

3. Interested attorneys then apply to work with you.

Next, you’ll start to receive emails from interested freelance attorneys. You can view their resume and profile as well as message back and forth. Many law firms like to speak with a few attorneys before deciding on one to hire.

Speaking with attorneys before hiring gives you the advantage of learning about the attorney’s background and prior experiences as well as discussing the scope of the project, the attorney’s desired rate, and performing any conflict checks.

4. Start your project with the attorney of your choice.

The last step is starting a project inside the Contract Counselors platform with the attorney you’ve chosen to hire. This is where you’ll outline the rate and hours you need – including whether it’s a one time project or for ongoing, monthly support.

5. That’s it! Your attorney can now begin.

There’s nothing else needed from you at this point. Your attorney can get started assisting your firm. Payment is automatically pulled from your payment information on file and Contract Counselors handles all year-end 1099 tax filings.

At Contract Counselors, we’ve created a marketplace of over 2,000 attorneys. We have attorneys licensed in all 50 states and experienced in many different areas of law. From newly graduated attorneys to attorneys with 30+ years of experience, you’re likely to find one that fits your needs.

Interested in learning more? Book a Call with a member of the Contract Counselors team today. Read a recent post on 7 of the Latest Trends in Legal Freelancing. Check out our other blog posts here.