Benefits Of Outsourcing At Your Law Firm

As a lawyer, one of the most valuable assets you have is time. Accordingly, your clients trust you to have their back, and building those relationships can take up a lot of hours in your day.

You’re already faced with frequent meetings, deadlines, court hearings, and depositions. After all that, when are you going to have time to research important case issues? In addition, how about drafting up your court documents, or marketing your law firm?

Not surprisingly, outsourcing could be the perfect solution!

Both older and newer firms are turning to freelance help in order to increase profits and gain a competitive edge.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of outsourcing projects and legal marketing at your law firm.

Benefits of outsourcing at your law firm

Law Firm Projects

  • Speed
    • Law firms can have a licensed attorney working on their projects within 24-48 hours. Have a last-minute deadline? Skip the drawn-out hiring process and connect with a contract attorney right away.
  • Cost Flexibility
    • Remote contract attorneys support your practice without the costs and commitment of a full-time hire. In essence, you only pay for the job they complete.
  • Increased Capability, Expertise
    • On-demand attorneys have experience with the specific tasks at hand that need to be completed. Get specialized help when you need it, and stay lean during slower periods when you don’t.
    • Law firms can increase capacity and productivity by hiring multiple contract attorneys, at the same time, for various projects.
  • Savings
    • Freelancers reduce your overhead on salaries, benefits, equipment costs, training, office space, etc thus cutting costs by thousands, and giving you access to great talent at a great value.
  • Billing
    • Outsourcing your legal projects means you can bill for more hours, while also taking on more business. What would you do with an extra 5-10 hours/week?

Legal Marketing

  • Cost & Time Efficiency
    • As mentioned above, hiring outside consultants is far more cost-effective. You only pay for the cost of the service provided.
  • Guidance, Insights From Industry Experts
    • Bringing in experienced experts can save you a lot of frustration, time, and money. Consequently, having their knowledge, skills, and insights is incredibly valuable when determining how to spend your marketing dollars wisely.
  • Understanding Analytics, Reporting, and Tracking
    • We’ve noticed one of the most common oversights from attorneys was keeping track of their marketing performance. It’s easy to have a “set it and forget it” mentality. But, this doesn’t account for the constant changes, trends, and developments in the legal marketing industry.
  • Inspires Fresh Perspectives, Creativity, and New Ideas
    • Internal marketers usually wear many hats, and their focus can be pulled in several directions. However, outsourcing can bring clarity to a particular subject, collaborations of new ideas, and a culture of creativity.
  • Expands Client Base, Scalability, and Increases Profits
    • Increasing your profits doesn’t always mean bringing in the biggest clients. Rather, it should be getting a steady flow of clients at a more cost-effective rate.

As you can see, there are many benefits of outsourcing at your law firm. Every attorney’s needs and business goals are unique. Partnering with the right outside help can reduce stress, lessen your workload, and give you peace of mind knowing your legal projects are in good hands.

Therefore giving you time back with your clients to do what you do best!

Written by: Contract Counselors & Ascension Marketing Group, LLC

Contract Counselors provides a digital freelance talent marketplace connecting law firms with attorneys. Law firms rely on Contract Counselors’ nationwide network of attorneys to handle a wide range of matters. Contract Counselors provides an efficient and flexible staffing solution for law firms small and large.  

Ascension Marketing Group, LLC, aims to alleviate the stresses placed on attorneys trying to navigate the legal marketing space. They offer a variety of legal marketing solutions. These are tailored to your firm’s unique needs, market, and practice area.