Staffing Flexibility for Your Law Firm

Contract Counselors offers flexible staffing alternatives for law firms

Looking for staffing flexibility for your law firm? Read on to find out about a new alternative to the older, traditional options.

For firms, taking on new clients represents a chance to grow and expand. At a certain point though, firms reach their work capacity and are typically left with two options: hiring additional associates to handle the new work or simply turning the work away.

Hiring Additional Associates

Hiring an additional associate (or several) can seem like a no-brainer. You have the chance to bring on additional work, so why not add more associates to help with the expanded workload? Before going down this path, there are two important questions to ask:

  1. What are the costs of adding an associate?
  2. How much additional work will our firm now have?

Hiring a full-time employee comes with more costs than just the associate’s salary alone. Additional expenses can include employee benefits, payroll taxes, equipment (laptops, subscriptions, etc.), office space, and training. Also, what happens if the employee doesn’t work out or leaves after a year? Tens of thousands of dollars may be lost in the process.

Another question to ask is how much additional will the new client(s) bring to the firm. Careful consideration should be given to whether the new work will be long-term and steady, rather than just a short-term project. The last thing a firm wants is to hire a full-time associate for a temporary need.

Turning Work Away

While you may be content with your current workload, turning away work should often be considered more of a last-resort option. Once you turn away a potential client, there’s no promise they’ll ever come back should you have more availability later on. Helping out with even a small project is a great way to showcase your firm’s ability, increasing the odds of them using your firm again in the future.

A New and Better Alternative Option

You may be asking yourself what other options exist then. That’s where Contract Counselors comes into play. Contract Counselors is a marketplace platform where law firms can hire attorneys on a contract basis. While contract attorneys may not come to mind right away as a solution, our marketplace now creates staffing flexibility for your law firm.

The Contract Counselors platform hosts over 1800 attorneys nationwide with experience in all different areas of the law. With an easy-to-use platform, you can sign up your firm and fill out a Project Form in minutes.

Contract attorneys offer staffing flexibility for your firm rather than having to hire a full-time associate. You get the benefits of working with an attorney of your choice for as long as you need. No longer do you have to spend thousands or turn work away.

If you’re interested in learning more, Book a Call with a member of the Contract Counselors team today or check out our related post on the Benefits of Outsourcing at your Law Firm. All other blog posts can be found here.