Freelance Lawyer Support for Law Firms

Freelance lawyer support for law firms

Have you ever turned down a client or project because you had too much work on your plate? Especially as you’re growing your law firm, it’s a terrible feeling to turn away business. For established businesses, this could mean your potential client goes directly to a competitor. Were you aware that freelance lawyer support was an option?

It’s not unusual for us to talk with law firms who did not know freelance lawyer support was an option for them. Freelance lawyer support gives smaller law firms a way to compete with much larger firms at a fraction of the cost. You simply pay for the work performed only when it’s needed thus avoiding long-term commitments. There’s no cost during downtimes when your firm isn’t as busy. It’s truly a great option for the busier times and for those firms that keep growing fast.

Take On More Work

With freelance lawyers, you can effectively staff your law firm for one-time projects or ongoing support. This is great for allowing your firm the ability to take on more projects. Firms no longer have to pass because they don’t have enough time for the additional work.

Staffing Flexibility

Staffing flexibility is another perk of hiring freelance lawyer support for your law firm. There may be times when you’re dealing with a specific matter that you or any member of your team does not have much experience with. Being able to reach out to someone who has more experience on the subject matter is a huge benefit of working with a freelance lawyer (and the Contract Counselors platform).

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